25+ Awesome DIY Project Ideas For Teenage Girl 2017


Teenage girls can sometimes be hard to understand and deal with, as the teenage years are known as being difficult both for the ones going through the


  1. Posted by aoibhegallagher, — Reply

    just wanna say this isnt actually diy if u click on this it brings u through different sites til u get to flowerium where they sell these

  2. Posted by miakeglovitz, — Reply

    So I just made this. I put glycerin into a plastic fake lightbulb and went outsideto pick flowers. If you want this to last long term I would probably put fake flowers in but since I don’t have fake ones I just used regular

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  5. Posted by Fth02, — Reply

    So would you fill these with resin to preserve the flowers??

  6. Posted by ChisaiTori8709, — Reply

    You can make them just dont use water. Trust me

  7. Posted by shelbylillico, — Reply

    do you put real or fake flowers in the light bulb?

  8. Posted by roreyrocks22, — Reply

    Wait this doesn’t teach you how to make them?

  9. Posted by greencynthia820, — Reply

    That's beautiful but I woudln't want it to drop.

  10. Posted by mallory1174, — Reply

    Aren’t light bulbs round? So how do they stand?

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