36 Pics and Memes to Improve Your Mood


Funny pics and great memes to survive the Midweek. You earned a break from your madness, enjoy ours instead.


  1. Posted by lumialuna, — Reply

    I can just imagine the bat saying all this in a high whispery voice very gently and acting like a 4 year old proud of her drawing. It’s so adorable

  2. Posted by zana261261, — Reply

    I'm sorry to burst your bubbles but that's not a real bat. There is a woman who makes really good puppets/dolls of animals. You can tell by the wings and the ears.

  3. Posted by idrawhorriblyunlessguided, — Reply

    My brother walked downstairs and saw what he thought was a cat toy so he picked it up and his thumb went through it. He picked up a bat that had gotten in my house and got destroyed by my cats

  4. Posted by oliviagarciauuuu, — Reply

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  5. Posted by hi_im_lee_, — Reply

    Hi I just wanted to say that I follow anyone back who follows me, don’t believe me? Try it out! (Also might take a little bit for me to get back to you. Thank you for reading this, continue scrolling,

  6. Posted by zxddsouza, — Reply

    This person the one who's holding the cutie spread corona and this is why I'm home all day scrolling through pinterest for memes!!lol

  7. Posted by sleipnirs8, — Reply

    This felting artist is insanely talented!

  8. Posted by inkpotts_exe, — Reply

    finally,, a post where people actually like bats,, {everyone i know seems to hate them for some reason}

  9. Posted by ASmolChickadee, — Reply

    This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen oh my god. It looked so real until I read the comments.

  10. Posted by rainalovesconan, — Reply

    Okay but why are they so cute when I found them they look like Mickey Mouse looking but Walmart version:/

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