48 Depressing Memes That Turned Out To Be Hilarious


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  1. Posted by RjCookies, — Reply

    For those wondering Arkansas actually doesn’t touch Kansas, it is a few miles down. But it does have a point where it meets Oklahoma and Missouri

  2. Posted by ben10tobe, — Reply

    for some people it’s like 5-7 if you count solid liquid and anxiety that keeps you from hanging out with friends

  3. Posted by regnlop, — Reply

    He is in Arkansas because his foot is big enough to cross the small area where Arkansas and Kansas don’t meet

  4. Posted by leighwstbrk, — Reply

    is that even real is looks like it’s making fun of the for corners of AZ, CO, UT,and NM

  5. Posted by jeremiahhochstetler, — Reply

    5 states if you include solid.

  6. Posted by noneofyobusines, — Reply

    Omg I laughed way to hard at this😂😅

  7. Posted by shirichann, — Reply

    No he’s actually in ARKANSAS too

  8. Posted by marytruhan, — Reply

    No you’re in misery

  9. Posted by unfunnyjokez, — Reply

    dang bro. you’re cool and depressed. 😐

  10. Posted by amarillohater101, — Reply

    Why does he have lucky luciano's legs

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