83 Box Braid Pictures That'll Help You Choose Your Next Style | Un-ruly


We've created the ultimate guide for box braid hairstyles and we've broken it down by size, length, color and more.


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    What type of hair is this?

  2. Posted by gabbysullivan861, — Reply

    That’s really cute 💕

  3. Posted by ashleypowell28, — Reply

    Thank you sooo much

  4. Posted by rhostclair, — Reply

    Love this!

  5. Posted by ashleypowell28, — Reply

    What type

  6. Posted by akhonagg, — Reply

    Wow girl!

  7. Posted by TeQuieroSince06, — Reply

    How do you keep the curlies fresh. Do they get frizzy?

  8. Posted by misssierrak, — Reply


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