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This is the Ultimate Bed! More than just a sleeping area, it's a massage center, an entertainment space, and office all rolled into one comfy island


  1. Posted by checkinlater, — Reply

    Looks like & could pass as for living room furniture settings to binge watch TV! The two low to floor chairs in front looking like for kids to sit! Who'd want kid's in your bedroom? Just saying. Not a great everyday life living! In a vacation/getaway without kids maybe not bad

  2. Posted by bebe200802, — Reply

    I’ve seen one of these beds before and I fucking hate it with every fiber of my being.

  3. Posted by aryanproo, — Reply

    Hi kindly advice on where can I find thus bed

  4. Posted by elasiaa, — Reply

    I really like this .. but it's also a bit low and maybe a little busy.

  5. Posted by EdenNeveah, — Reply

    Introducing the I’m not getting crap done today 3000

  6. Posted by bangtan_dot_com, — Reply

    And that’ll be 1.12 million

  7. Posted by Yanixbx, — Reply

    That bed is an apartment

  8. Posted by drousme9889, — Reply

    Ya me too please

  9. Posted by aryanproo, — Reply

    This bed sorry

  10. Posted by bethanystephenson873, — Reply

    Oh my God I need this in my room 😍

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